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More Cooking, Football & Whole 30 Thoughts

Happy Monday!

Did anyone see that coming last night!? (If you don’t watch football, let me suffice with saying that the underdogs destroyed the other guys.  That’s about my level of football understanding most days anyways haha!)  We had a great night, even though our team wasn’t in the game we still managed to enjoy watching the Eagles take the title of Super Bowl Champs in our home stadium here.  Even though I’m not a huge football fan, I still felt a little proud that my state got to host one of the biggest sporting events in the US!  Go Minnesota! 🙂

For our game-day fare I served up a full taco bar which was 100% Whole 30 compliant with the exception of the taco shells, refried beans and cheese!  We had lettuce, tomatoes, two kinds of salsa, guacamole, olives, onions and ground beef with taco seasoning.  I also made Teriyaki wings(with coconut aminos!) and buffalo wings (minus the blue cheese sauce=also compliant!) So whether everybody knew it or not, they were all happily munching on Whole 30 goodness! 🙂

Then of course there was dessert.  Not so Whole 30 friendly haha!  I made THIS amazing, triple chocolate mousse cake from America’s Test Kitchen.  I have been itching to make something in a spring-form pan ever since my amazing hubby got me the Williams-Sonoma GoldTouch one for Christmas.  Every other spring-form pan I’ve ever known has been such a hassle.  From leaking out everywhere, to not closing right, to snapping apart.  I normally wind up having to wrap the bottom in foil, and then set it on a sheet pan just to make sure I don’t burn the house down!  Maybe I just have horrible luck with spring form pans.  Is it just me?  Anyways, the Williams-Sonoma GoldTouch is AMAZING!  It’s got a little lip around the outside that makes it super easy to pick up, and the mousse didn’t stick at all.  The hubby nailed it again.  (He’s getting pretty good at this whole gift-giving thing lol.)  Totally not sponsored, but highly recommended!  Check it out HERE.  Best $40 you’ll ever spend I promise!

In addition to the Whole 30 friendly taco bar, I also had a large veg and fruit platter set out.  Of course there was the typical plethora of yummy and oh-so-un-compliant chips and dips that you could expect at any Super Bowl gathering, but I surprisingly wasn’t even tempted.  At one point I actually grabbed a blue-cheese-stuffed olive, and then took another look at it and set it down.  Other than that, I have to admit that it wasn’t as hard as I’d thought it would be!  Even the chocolate cake (my guilty pleasure!) didn’t call my name half as hard as I expected it to.  And the drinks?  Wasn’t even interested.  I sipped my sparkling water and enjoyed the suspicious lack of cravings.  I snacked away all night at the fruit and veggies, and did refill my salad plate several times, but not once did I slip up!

I’m still not sold on all aspects of the Whole 30, I doubt I will ever be, but now, officially in my third week, I do have to admit it’s getting easier.  I actually got dinner prepped for this week over the weekend, in addition to lunch and snacks, so I’m optimistic that maybe I won’t run into so many of the slip-ups and skipped meals that plagued my first two weeks.  I’m going to try to start getting back into my workout routine that I have been sadly slacking on these last two weeks as well.  I’m hoping with the addition of dinner I’ll have enough energy to get back at it.  (Eating dinner=more energy – Who’d have guessed lol -*queue rolling eyes emoji*)

I hope no matter who you were rooting for last night you had a good time and enjoyed your weekend.  Time to slay another week! 🙂



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