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About Me

I know it sounds cliche, but I’ve loved to cook since I was a little kid…and yes, I did pick up most of the basics from my mother! She cooked nearly everything in our house from scratch, from the bread and biscuits to the baked beans and tomato sauce. During the fall she’d can peaches and pears and make applesauce and pickled green beans and beets. I guess I just kind of grew up thinking that everybody ground their own flour at 4am on Sunday morning to make bread for the coming week!

When I started going to college I discovered the glory that was frozen pizza and Mt. Dew…for a very brief time I lived off of processed junk, enjoying my new found freedom. Unfortunately I started having very severe digestive issues every time I would eat any form of red meat. I also discovered I had a shellfish allergy. And to top it all off it really made me feel like crap. With all the unwillingness of a stubborn young adult, I had to admit ‘Mom knew best’ and went back to my vegetarian roots. My digestive issues went away overnight, and I just started feeling better in general. The doctors told me that I could probably ‘condition’ my body to start accepting meat and processed foods if I ate it frequently and in small doses, but to me that sounded a bit counter-intuitive. My body was telling me that those things were bad! Why try to slowly trick it into accepting them!

Now that I have a sweet little minion of my own, I understand what drove my mother to do the things she did for our health. Bringing him up to be strong and smart and healthy are my main priorities in life. Unfortunately I do not have the same time to do it in, being a full time working mom, I am constantly running in circles. So I need the bulk of my food to be fast, easy and convenient – without sacrificing quality!

Having a culinary degree also puts a twist on the way that I cook. I have had very good food made by excellent French chefs. As much as I am determined to make my meals as healthy as possible, I’m also not willing to sacrifice quality to do so! If that means using half bread flour in my whole wheat bread to ensure a perfectly moist and chewy crumb, than so be it! I’m only going to live once, I want to be healthy, but I am also going to enjoy the ride!

I hope that you enjoy looking through my ever growing repertoire of recipes. Please know that everything I have put on here has been thoroughly tested and I can vouch for each and every recipe! If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help out.

Thanks for visiting!